How to Cash in your Structured Settlement and Travel for Retirement

A structured settlement is an arrangement within which financial rewards acquired from a lawsuit, insurance claim, lottery and the like are paid in installments over a period of time rather than being availed to the individual or individuals in question as a single lump sum payment.

The idea of structured settlements did not come into being until the 1970s; before this period of time, financial gains, especially from personal injury lawsuits, were paid out to defendants in large lump sum amounts.

And while this initially proved beneficial to the recipients in questions, many of whom where then able to meet their medical bills, legal expenses and the like, a great many such recipients simply lacked the mental acumen to skillfully manage sums of money of such a great magnitude.

It was for this reason that regulations were put into place encouraging the necessary institutions and authorities to make payments in installments, the idea being to prevent the recipients from spending their financial rewards in a poor and inadvisable manner.

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Most structured settlements will, in most cases, include a large upfront payment to allow the recipients to meet their bills with cash, with the remaining balance then paid out in installments; it isn’t uncommon for structured payments to continue throughout a person’s life time, proving essential as a stable source of money.

+Pros of Structured Settlements

-Structured settlements are not restricted by death. In the event that the recipient’s life ends, their designated beneficiaries can expect to continue receiving tax free payments.

-With structured settlements payments are fairly flexible and can be scheduled to encompass any length of time, beginning immediately or deferred for a few months and even years.

-Structured settlements are not impacted by fluctuations in the market; the future of one’s payments is guaranteed by the insurance company which was responsible for issuing the annuity.

+Cons of Structured Payments

-There is no place for adaptability; once the terms are finalized regarding the payment structure, there is no room for altering them to meet any changes that might occur in one’s needs. Renegotiation is not an option.

-There is no immediate access to the entirety of one’s funds, which can prove troublesome in case of emergencies or when investment options emerge.

-If you choose to buy an immediate annuity, you are also choosing to lose your lump sum payment option

The question of structured settlements, specifically whether they will prove beneficial or not typically depends on the need in question; one cannot deny the fact that managing a massive inflow of funds at one go can prove difficult.

However the idea of restricting one’s access to their financial rewards to pre-determined installments over a period of time can prove irritating to some.

Europe Tourism – Experience The Old Continent The Right Way

TravelWhen considering travel destinations and taking continents into consideration: Europe is a great place to go. Whether you are from the old continent or not – it’s the same. Europe is the world’s most diverse continent and together with Asia and Africa consists the Old World. Traveling from one country to the other will bring you a lot of new experiences as every one is different. Sometimes going across the border you will find a lot of similar things, but still different, and sometimes the change will be so overwhelming that you will be left to wander how is it possible that 30 minutes car drive can take you to complete new world. So, what are the best reasons for exploring Europe?


An absolute winner in this category is going to Europe. Yes, the earliest civilizations were started in Asia and Africa, but nowhere are the ancient cultural remnants as diverse and popular as they are in Europe. Ancient Greek and Roman empires left tombstones of their greatness all over the continent, and for a history lovers, such tours are the most interesting as they shaped the modern world we live in today. Cultural heritage shared by some of the history’s most famous kingdoms, movements and eras are found everywhere, preserved and mingled with modern world of today. From artefacts of kingdoms dating back before Christ, to medieval castles and structures to renaissance glory of the new age, there is nothing that compares to Europe in it’s riches and wealth.


Through changing winds of history, Europe was shaped as a patchy territory of culturally diverse terrain. Traveling any way, east to west or north to south you will feel the change as you go from one experience to another. Almost every country or group of Europecountries have their own set of distinctions. Religions, languages, rituals and customs change almost all the time and soaking them all in will open a whole new world for you to appreciate. Architecture will change before you all the time as you cross from one place to another, and it’s not rare to see two or even three different styles of historic periods, as civilizations rose and fall on this continent for cEuropeouple of thousands of years.


Want to go skiing? Go to Alps or Nordic mountains! Want to go to see the sea? Greece, Turkey or Spain await you! Want to go hiking? Beautiful Ireland or France will be perfect! There is no climate or surrounding missing in Europe! There are even rain forests! Traveling south to north you will experience a shift in weather, that goes from summer haven of Mediterranean south to the cold fjords of the North. traversing east to west will show you the shift in cultural appreciation of Eastern and Western culture, as eastern part is more inclined to the Russia and Slavic countries.